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Taking a trip around the world to incredibly beautiful and often impossible to reach places just got easier. Our beautiful curated background images span decaying places like Pripyat to the scenic Venice canals with more being added regularly. These images are so rich in history and character that they will inspire you to complete that story with your photography!

They’re captured by fine art photographer Rebecca Bathory and they are truly a work of art on their own. She’s specifically composed these shots with photographers and creators in mind. The angles captured match most images of subjects taken in studio and you can use them for your personal or commercial composite work. Each pack has a versatile range of angles and locations so you can use them for any project.


City Collection: Volume 1

The historic and picturesque Venice is framed in a way that highlights just why it is beautiful. Not only from the coveted canals that line the city, but also the side streets that are lesser spoken of but just as beautiful.

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Collection: Volume 1

From old schools, hospitals, and homes, these relicts of the past are left in the state of abandonment. Each image is hauntingly beautiful and they tell a story on their own. They span locations all over the world, and perfectly highlight the nuances that make that places iconic.

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Collection: Volume 1

Scenes from the infamous abandoned town following the fallout from Chernobyl, these photographs are taken through multiple seasons and perfectly capture the full story from many locations in the area to give a full picture of the state of the city.

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