Infinite Color Panel affiliate network

I really believe Infinite Color sells itself when people see it, as you probably know! And I want people to benefit from that as you have been the most passionate community I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of!

Last year we setup an affiliate program where we invited a small group of people we believed represented our community, and a few have made thousands of dollars from it monthly. Seeing the success of it from their own efforts, we’re looking to open it up and bring in more people since it worked well!

Why expand further?
Right now many people are looking for opportunities in making more money and we wanted more people to get the chance to do so seeing what it’s already done for others, and knew this would be a great way for people to make that happen. I see how many of you talk about our panel regularly so this will just be more incentive to continue that with more incentive.

How do you decide who gets in?

But to ensure not everyone joins and spams the internet, we want to be selective of who we take in for the right reasons. We want people to be genuine about talking about us! So if you’re passionate about photography, retouching, and color grading, and are involved in our community, please sign up below!

We will be picking a few people initially, and then using this same list to expand to more people in the future as we open it up even further.

Expected Earnings

We start off with $15 a sale and we will be expanding that number for those who sell more. As mentioned earlier, some of our affiliates have already thousands, so the potential is what you make of it. Your potential mirrors the effort and creativity you put in, but we believe Infinite Color and Black and White really sells itself when people see it! And we will supply a document of ideas on how best you can promote it to maximize visibility too!

If this interests you, please fill out this form here:

We’ll get back to those we think are a good fit for the first round!