Have it your way

For all you panel obsessed people out there: The Infinite Extension Manager is the free toolbox you need to organize all of your Photoshop extensions.

The Infinite Extension Manager

Meant for any Photoshop extension, the organizer is the cleanest and most efficient way to access all of your extensions!

Whether you have our growing line of Infinite tools, or any others, the organizer works with every extension installed in Photoshop to keep the interface clean.

Access your panels with ease no matter how many you have to make the most effective use of your workspace.

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You name it

You can change the name of all extensions to something meaningful. Also you can hide the ones you temporarily don’t need.

New Order

Change the order of all your extensions shown in the panel.

Point of view

Whatever you prefer – icons, text or both. The Infinite Extension Manager let you decide what to show

That‘s awesome! I need it!

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See how the Extension Organizer works!

Key Features:

  • Adjust the interface to work with or without icons and change the name of the plugins.
  • Modify the order of your plugins and decide which ones you’d like visible.
  • The organizer remembers the location of your panels on your interface, even if they are on a second screen.


  • For Photoshop CC2019 or later


  • Personal license for 3 computers

I can’t wait anymore!

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