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Simplified luminosity masking with Infinite Luma adds a whole new dimension to your creative vision. You are able to make detailed selections the most intuitive and flexible way.

The Infinite Luma Panel

With the many options for Luminosity Masking, we wanted to take our own approach on a more simplified version.

The ability to make a selection based on the shadows, highlights, and midtones can expand many opportunities for your image. Whether that’s a more precise way to color grade, add textures, adjust contrast, composite elements and more, we believe this tool pairs perfectly with every Infinite Tool we have!

This is perfect for anyone, whether you were previously intimidated by luminosity masking, or those who want a friendly and minimal tool to get a precise mask, we believe this will really encourage anyone to explore the possibilities of their image more than ever!

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Range Slider

This slider will allow you to select any midtones, shadows or highlights. Any area
highlighted in orange will be selected.

Smoothness Slider

To adjust how smooth or gradual the transitions are from the area selected
and not selected.


Choose you output: selection, folder with mask, and channel. 

That‘s awesome! I need it!

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See how Infinite Luma works!

Key Features

  • Select luminosity ranges with the click of a button.
  • Choose your own selection range and smoothness to your needs.
  • Intuitive interface makes working with Luma a breeze.
  • Legacy Mode: Allows you to move the slider first before showing you a preview (performs better on older computers).

Want to learn more about the details?


  • For Photoshop CC2019 or later


  • Personal license for 3 computers

Infinite Luma Academy

Realistic Grain Transitions

A classic trait of film grain (one of many) is the ability to have different densities. Luminosity masking can help in getting this effect quicker and more realistic!

Detailed Texture And Color Application

Color grading and texture application in specific luminosity regions of an image can really have an amazing impact to the complexity of the end result! Here’s how we can make that really fun and easy using Infinite Luma!

Adding Layers Of Realistic Glow In The Highlights

A cool effect of Infinite Luma is the ability to use it to add atmosphere to your images. Here’s how to add a nice glow easily!

I can’t wait anymore!

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