Get A Head Start On Retouching

When time is of the essence, Infinite Skin will give you control over skin details so you can save time retouching.

Photo by Luca Storelli

The Infinite Skin Plugin

With images being so sharp, this panel aims to give you ability to realistically soften skin tone and detail independently right in Photoshop, while ensuring the settings respect the structure of the face. The goal is not to replace retouching, but to use it as a primer for skin so you can spend less time retouching. You’ll still have to do some healing and cleaning up transitions, but this aims to make that a bit more forgiving.

This is specifically great for photographers who have to work on large amounts of images with a fast turnaround time. This happens in wedding work, individual portrait clients, boudoir clients, and more. This helps get a head start without having to leave Photoshop too.

High end retouching is still something done by hand and this may not be for everyone, but we recognized the need for it in our industry and where this has a place. We believe that this will pay off in the first day alone with the time saved.

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Clarity Slider

When you want control over your details and structure on the skin, this slider will help control that so you can decide how much or little you want.

Smoothing Slider

This helps to even out smooth tone transitions in the skin whether you want a small amount or you’d like to use it for arms and legs and want a bigger smoothing effect.


Pair up the results of Infinite Skin with highlight control and masking options to get to the results you want faster.

That‘s awesome! I need it!

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See how Infinite Skin works!

Key Features

  • A Perfect Split
    With a click of a button, the panel sets up frequency separation layers that have the softening settings applied perfectly. You don’t have to know different pixel radiuses for frequency separation. Through machine learning, we’re able to calculate the perfect radius by automatically analyzing the dimensions of the face.
  • Highlight Protection
    With a click of a button you can protect your highlights to determine if you’d like to keep them more specular, or if you’d like to soften them. This is great for hotspots and highlights that do or do not add to the image. You can decide that separately.
  • Different Predefined Settings
    Even if you don’t know how to use the sliders, we have three predefined settings making it easy to quickly change them on the fly regardless of the amount of work that needs to be done.
  • Masking Options
    Whether you want a black mask attached to the image or a skin tone mask, you have the option to pick between the two. We also have the ability to quickly turn off and turn on the mask to see how the settings apply to the entire image which puts things in perspective.


• For Photoshop CC2021 or later
• Permanent online connectivity


The tool is perfect for any photographer dealing with the need to soften skin. This is specifically great for wedding, portrait, and boudoir photographers who require a fast turnaround on a large number of images. This can help expedite the process and accompany your retouching workflow. This is not meant to replace retouching but we know this has a place in the industry. 

Infinite Skin Academy

Control Highlight and Shadow Exposure.

When using the smoothing slider aggressively, the highlights and shadows often may get flatter as a result. Here are two ways to bring back the natural depth of the face.

Fine Lines and Blotchy Skin

You can also use the plugin for specific areas of major concern without having to do the entire face. Blotchy large areas and sharp small areas are in total contrast to each other, here is how the panel tackles both.

Manually Sharpen and Soften Selective Areas

Let’s say you like the results across the skin but want to take just one particular area further in one way or another, this will show you how to have that additional layer of control.

Priming Skin With The Panel

You may prefer using the panel after your healing and cloning work, but here are also some of the benefits of using it as your first step. There is no wrong or right way, and this panel can be used during many points in the workflow.

Slider Results Not Updating

If while using the panel, you find that the slider doesn’t load the results sometimes after moving it, here is why that happens and an easy way around it.

Before and Afters

See How Photographers Use Infinite Skin

Before and Afters + Settings

Here’s What Real Photographers Are Saying

Luca Stornelli

I’m totally excited using this new panel, and my first feedback is very positive.

First of all, I noticed that the steps include frequency separation in the process, so I can save my time, because in each image where I have tested the panel, with the medium values, I had no more evident further editing needed. The accuracy of the results are great, and it is a good save time tool, especially for retouching the entire body. I do not need to use the entire FS process anymore.
Most of the time the medium button is the best choice for me. Rarely I used the strong. I prefer to start with the medium, and adjust values later.

The possibility to work in a non-destructive way and changing the settings is good in my opinion, because we can experiment with different possibilities to work with skin, and the results are immediate.

I tried the panel on different model’s skins, caucasian, black, and asian, and I did not find any problems. The results are always so interesting and with simple fine tuning I get the results I need immediately. I have appreciated the highlights protection, and the possibility even to work on single layers once the action is run.

I have counted I saved about 10 minutes per image for a generic portrait frequency separation routine, and about 20 minutes for a full body retouching.

So my retouching workflow from now will be :
1. Healing brush. To remove wrinkles, blemishes, black spots..
2. Infinite Skin. To get a perfect skin (face/body)
3. dodge and burn.

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Sara Montalbano

It’s an awesome tool. I love the fact that it’s still natural and delicate but the face changes and the result is so good. The unwanted hard shadows are no longer present in the image and the overall look stays clean and defined. It really looks like we are adding another layer of good foundation and hydratation to the skin. I also love the fact that the layers are well organized and that the action takes only a few seconds to work. Absolutely recommended. 

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Greg Thomasan

The Infinite Skin panel will be a time saver for skin retouching for many, except the most discerning, clients. My headshots are made to show the client’s best self – not overly retouched, but enough so that the photo compliments the subject. Infinite Skin will be used in much of my headshot workflow, as it generates the layers I need to soften color and shadow transitions, and saves me the time it would take to do the work manually. I’ve just started using it, but so far looks an addition I will recommend to other photographers who do their own retouching.

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I can’t wait anymore!

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