Take Imagination To Creation

Imagine never having to find or buy a texture ever again. Infinite Texture offers you tens of thousands of textures at your fingertips, all visually sorted by similarity.

The Infinite Texture Panel

The Infinite Texture Panel provides over 70,000 high resolution files directly in Photoshop.

All files are visually sorted by an A.I., so you can preview similar or more random assets within seconds. This is a perfectly orchestrated method to have fun and find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds.

We invite you to explore the huge amount of brilliant overlays, real lens flares, all kinds of dust, smoke and particles, graphic elements, nature pieces and CGI artworks!

There’s a whole world of discovery waiting for you to utilize.

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The incredible amount of variations are organized in a brilliant way that is both logical and intuitive to use, and organized in a visually pleasing way!

Randomness Slider

Whether you’re trying to shop around to see what texture works best for your image, or you know what you’re hunting for, our simple slider for randomness will help you find and then refine what you’re looking for!

That‘s awesome! I need it!

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See how Infinite Texture works!

Key Features

  • Over 70.000 high resolution textures
  • Commercial license
  • Extremely easy to use
  • AI-sorted by visual aspects
  • Text search
  • AI.Match to find similar in the repository
  • Textures are added pre-masked with predefined layer blend modes
  • Automatic rotation and scaling

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  • For Photoshop CC2019 or later
  • Permanent online connectivity usage


  • Commercial use of images allowed
  • Personal license for 3 computers

Infinite Tools Visualizer

Infinite Texture and Infinite Looks share one Panel named „Visualizer“. Of course, you don’t need to buy both of them to able to use the Extension. Just open the Visualizer and switch between the sections Looks or Texture.

I can’t wait anymore!

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