You can’t help but laugh!

Enjoy our sassy Infinite Jokes panel, that tells you the best Photoshop jokes and openly judges you as you work. It’s for free.

The Infinite Jokes Panel

This FREE light hearted panel is the perfect retouching buddy that will provide humor for hours on end.

It is a compilation of the best Photography and Photoshop related jokes submitted by the community! It delivers witty lines and also roasts you with condescending humor, but you decide the tone of voice! You can also change the physical voice from a man or a woman to the accent as well.

Be a part of the community and enjoy the witty lines submitted by some of the funniest creatives in the world!

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Customize Everything

You have the option to pick the voice of narration, the mood you set for the panel, and how often it delivers the jokes! You get to decide how often you’re entertained or subjected to verbal judgement.

Credit and Community

This is the heart of the panel! Jokes are on display with credit to who it belongs to.Even better, we have a rating system so you can decide how good a joke is, submit your own jokes or see a top list of who the funniest creative in the world is!

That‘s awesome! I need it!

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See how Infinite Jokes works!

Key Features

  • Male or female voice
  • British or american language
  • Frequency
  • Mood, funny or mean


  • For Photoshop CC2019 or later
  • Permanent online connectivity usage


  • Free

I can’t wait anymore!

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