More than the sum of its parts

Infinite Unify is the answer to even colors for every image. Every skin type, clothing, product, landscape and more is easily improved with it.

The Infinite Unify Panel

The staple to every photographer’s workflow, Infinite Unify provides a solution to the common problem of uneven colors across every image. Whether you’re dealing with skin tones, color casts in products and clothing, matching makeup, or variations in landscapes, there is no image that this cannot benefit from.

Tested on the toughest real world jobs, Unify is easy to use and provides you with advanced features in order for you to mold it to your own images! Stand out with professional finishing with minimal effort. We combine the intelligence of the panel with advanced masking options and blending options to really give you a sophisticated level of control! 

Don’t take our word for it, look at the videos and examples below to see what’s possible.

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Smoothness Slider

Unify samples 12 colors across your selection in order to make a very accurate color gradient map to even out tones. This slider helps to ensure even the most detailed colors are selected for the ultimate level of control.

Hue Sliders

Hue won’t believe it! This slider delicately shifts every hue in the gradient map once it’s applied so you can refine and blend in the colors perfectly to taste just in case it’s not perfect by default.

That‘s awesome! I need it!

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See how Infinite Unify works!


Photo: Lindsey Worgul Hinderer

Photo: Cat Ford-Coates

Photo: Jay Coy

Photo: Miet Neirinckx

Key Features

  • Save user presets for opacity, smoothness, hue, and gradient maps.
  • Change blend modes from color, saturation, and hue with a click of a button.
  • Control what range of skin tones are selected with a dialog option.
  • Decide whether you want a black mask or a skin mask on delivery.
  • The preview button temporary disable your mask to see the gradient map applied to the image.
  • Control whether or not your gradient map should have 3 or 5 points.
  • Legacy mode allows you to move the slider first before showing you a preview.
  • The panel remembers your setting for each layer as you click between them.

Want to learn more about the details?


  • For Photoshop CC2019 or later


  • Personal license for 3 computers

Infinite Unify Academy

Evening Out Skin Tones In Portraits

Uneven skin tones in portraits are quite common, let’s take a look on how to easily fix that.

Fixing Newborn Skin Tone Variations

Learn how to correct uneven skin tones from red feet to different shades across their face and bodies, using the hue blend mode.

Uneven Skin Tones And Tan Lines

Learn how to use Unify as part of the process when fixing tan lines. You’ll learn about blend-if modes and layers to compliment the unifying process.

Matching Makeup Color To Any Color Palette

For beauty work, matching makeup to specific color palettes can easily be done with Unify. Here’s how we can use it to match other colors in the shot.

Hue Vs Saturation Vs Color Blend Modes

Learn how to use the Hue, Saturation, and Color Blend modes and what situations each are to be used in.

Fixing Color Casts Casts With Infinite Unify

Shooting in environments that produce color casts can be annoying, here’s how Unify can take care of that fast and easy.

Body Paint And Makeup For Cosplay

Fix issues with body paint and makeup. You’ll learn about hue/saturation clipping layers for added control!

Unify And Match Colors And Textures For Beverage Shots

With these examples, learn how to use the hue slider and setting Unify to the Saturation blend mode.

Advanced Color Matching Between Subjects

With vast different between skin tones, you will learn how to use saturation and luminosity helper layers in conjunction with Unify for success.

I can’t wait anymore!

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