Using Infinite products on the M1 Mac version of Photoshop


This is only for our lovely creatives who have recently purchased Mac products with the M1 chip (Mac Mini, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13 Inch), Adobe has released a special version of Photoshop for it!

Photoshop version 22.3.

In all other versions, under the Window Menu, you will find our panels under “Extensions”. This is where ours and all of your other extensions exist!

For M1 users who have downloaded this latest version of Photoshop, they have removed the “Extensions” menu and it is being replaced with a separate drop-down menu called “Plugins”.

The biggest difference is all your regular extensions and tools aren’t in this new Plugins menu.

What’s the difference?

To keep it simple, currently Infinite Color, Infinite Tools, and nearly every other extension is designed under a technology called CEP. They have now changed all future ones to use something called UXP (Plugins). It has some changes to it, but overall it’s more secure. This means that all existing panels and plugins will need to be remade to fit UXP as Plugins will be the standard going further.

This M1 version cannot access these CEP panels by default and you need to enable a setting to get it there. Here’s how to do it…

How do I get my Infinite Color and other tools to work? 

To access a variation of Photoshop where you can use all of our plugins, please enable this Rosetta 2 option by following this video below. When you do, you will see “Extensions” again under the Window tab.

Watch this video:

But then how can I use UXP panels (Plugins) for all future versions of Photoshop? Will you make Infinite tools for UXP?

The entire industry is developing panels for UXP so it will take some time. We’re working on it! But we will definitely have it for you. Here’s a timeline below.


We believe future versions of Photoshop will also use UXP (Plugins menu) even for Windows users. So naturally, we are working on adapting everything to UXP so everyone will have their tools available!

We expect Infinite Color to be remade using UXP by Mid-July 2021
We aim to have ALL Infinite Tools ready by the end of 2021.
This is a rough estimate and we will update this as time moves forward.

To see all of our tools, please check out