The Gallery

This gallery features the platinum stars of our community, awarded the highest honor of technical excellence with color. Consider it a digital museum of some of our curated hand-picked pieces.

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Photographer: Javier Alejandro

Photographer: Matt Stagliano (Website)
Model: Svala Johannsdottir

Photographer: Nikki Harrison

Photographer and Retoucher: Kaela Speicher
Model: Brittany thebrittanydawn (Agency: Fordrba)
Assistant: True Moua
Location: The Portrait Masters

Photographer: Iryna Carmichael
Model: Bianca Ludik
Makeup: Shana

Photographer: Michelle Alena Magnoli
Model: Alyssa Kompelien

Photographer: Shavonne Wong
Model: Melissa Nolet and Tara (Ave Management)⠀
Makeup: Andrea Claire
Makeup Assist: Zoel
Retouching: Alex Growd

Photographer: Jai Mayhew

Photographer: Nicolaeva Olga
Model: Bosaka Elena

Photographer: SJ Van Zyl
Model: Amina
Makeup & Styling: Carissa Bosman

Photographer: Wesley Jones (web)

Photographer: Donatella Nicolini

Photographer: Brett Stanley

Photographer: Ashley Marie
Production, Styling and Modeling: Tracy-Lee Rosslind
Location: Camps Bay Retreat, Cape Town

Photographer: Dan Ostergren
Model: Bassel Hamieh

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