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Sarah Ferrara

Fine Art Portraits

I deliberately didn’t read the instructions on how to use the panel as I wanted to see how intuitive the panel was to use. The answer is: very. Bearing in mind I already understand how these adjustment layers work; however, by just clicking the available buttons, playing around  and seeing what happened I was able to create – literally – an infinite combination of layers, looks and moods and adjust them to taste.

As I am quite set in my “colour ways” and am currently leaning towards a specific style for portraits, using my own actions or the same adjustment layers each time, I thought this would be a fun tool to play around with but didn’t think I would find it an essential part of my workflow. What surprised me was how the tool took me in directions I would not have thought of and I quickly became quite reliant on it. This became apparent when after just a few days I took my laptop with me for travel and am frustrated without it. I am now going to download on to my laptop as well because I really feel like I can’t now do without it. I keep thinking “what would the colour infinity panel do?”.

I have many photoshop extensions, plugins etc and this is the first truly innovative and original one.



Concepts and Portraits

Following an easy installation process, I started retouching my first image and played around with the plugin. And when I meant “playing”, I really meant it! Instead of cumbersome plugins that put the word “work” in “workflow”, the process of discovering colors made the whole process more fun and engaging. I found myself wondering what would Infinite Color Panel surprise me with next! The plugin ultimately allows me to bring up possible tones and color-grading that I would have otherwise not thought of… read more

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Frøydis Geithus


I’m obsessed with colors, and to find the right tones and grading is always what has slowed down my editing. I could sit for hours, not finding the right color tone.

So when Pratik sent me the Infinite Color panel, I didn’t really know what to expect. To say I was blown away, is an understatement.

On every photo I edited with Infinite Color, I found the perfect color with a few clicks and adjustments. I can’t believe how easy it is, and it’s not like any other color tool I have seen on the market. And believe me, I have tried them all.

Editing almost feels like cheating now. That is how powerful this panel is. I highly recommend it.

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Phoebe Cheong


Infinite Colour is the perfect starting point to navigate and customise a combination of adjustments that will bring expertly hand-crafted colours into your work. As a photographer who works with a lot of colours in her images, I love being able to randomise, tweak the adjustments to create a unique feel for my images. My favourite thing about this is the freedom to stack and generate the intensity of each layer, guiding me to the right colour grade to match my creative vision. I highly recommend to beginners or experienced editors, as it has revolutionised my time and quality of retouching in my workflow!

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Irina Jomir


I find Infinite Color extremely useful in my color toning process. After been testing it on a few images with different skin colors it is my  favourite tool to use. It blew me away how genius and user friendly this panel is! What I Iove about the most about it is how much it speeds up my creative process at the same time leaving me plenty of room for control. Color combinations are not randomly put together, but are rather carefully selected based on colour theory knowledge. All adjustment layers I normally use for my colouring process are already there in one folder. I highly recommend it as a help tool to photographers and retouchers of all levels of experience!

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Dalbir Virdee


Infinite Color is an absolutely wonderful tool that I have been able to include into my workflow. I have found color grading the most difficult part when producing an image. Probably down to my lack of knowledge and understanding in this area. I know what looks pleasing to my eye but have not always been able to find an easy starting point or a route there. Infinite Color made this process extremely simple, highly effective and produced amazing result for me. Literally a one-click tool, which creates harmonious color grade layers that, can then be tweaked to taste. Amazing! Thank you Pratik for helping so many of us out there who previously found color grading so difficult. Really looking forward exploring the tool further and creating some cool images.

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Anya Likhitha

Still Life / Product

The Infinite Colour panel really does provide infinite options at the touch of a few buttons, and it aids creatives in guiding us towards a beautiful finished image. Typically, colour grading images can be a daunting process – especially for the creatives who prefer to shoot first and focus on the colour grading as part of the post production process later or some who may not have as much experience with tools on Photoshop to bring the image to the end result they envision. This has infinitely made it easier to reach that end result. From my own experience playing with the Infinite Color panel, my time with the process reduced from over an hour fine tuning and tweaking the image to about 15-20 minutes on average, which is incredible!


Jessica Weiser


As someone who has a hard time focusing on what color tones I want to give a photo using Infinite Color was a really cool way to very quickly and easily go through some ideas and help me narrow down what look and feel I want the image to have. I found it really easy to use and customize each layer so that they matched my processing style.

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Paris Helena


When it comes to concept, make up and styling of my shoots I’m always certain of what I want. When it comes to colouring, I’m not always as certain.The Infinite Color Panel is a dream come true for me considering I like to flip through a bunch of ideas and see what fits best with the vibe but still complimenting the skin tones and make up tones. I am able to get gorgeous colour toning with every randomized click, and layer them one onto of another to create something that feels unique and personal every time.

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Ellen Hansen


I tend to keep my images fairly clean and true to their natural colors, however a little bit of grading is always a must. The “light” setting on Infinite Color is exactly what I needed. I love being able to hit the create button until I hit a color combo that feels right and to discover layer combinations I wouldn’t have thought up on my own. The panel is incredibly easy to instal and simple and smooth to use. My workflow is already faster and more fun.

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Kyle Ford


Infinite Color has allowed me to come up with color grades that I very likely would not have been able to create on my own. The subtle ways it pulls colors from the image to create a unique grade is wonderful. Almost every press of the create button produces something pleasing to the eye and it’s quite simple to keep pressing it until you find one that suits the feel you want for the image. The harmonize feature also creates a really nice toning to an image in some instances because it uses complementary colors based on your highlights in the images. As a landscape shooter, it’s usually very subtle due to the whites in my skies. I’ve actually screencapped some of the grades created using the Infinite Color tool to use in future video color grades.

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Terrence Blanton


When you’re photographing live music, the lighting may not be as good as you want it to be. Sometimes it may be the best lighting you’ve ever shot in. When it comes to editing my images, I want them to either be vivid or subtle. However when I’m in a time crunch, I often get frustrated. That is when Infinite Color comes into play. Infinite Color is an amazingly fast and creative solution that not only helps speed up my Photoshop workflow, but, it takes an otherwise bland image to a beautiful piece of art. Infinite Color has an addictive tactile feel to it. I had found myself getting lost in creating so many combinations of colors and tones, that my trigger finger got cramped. I will be using Infinite Color for a long time, thank you Pratik.

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