Dance between color and light

Color is just the beginning. Infinite Radiance gives you the opportunity to control the balance of light in your images in the most intuitive way.

The Infinite Radiance Panel

Color is only a part of the picture, having full control of the luminosity simultaneously adds depth and balance to a photo.

The dance between color and light opens up an entirely new dimension to your image! Inspired from programs like 3d LUT Creator, Infinite Radiance uses the channel mixer to push luminosity towards Reds, Greens, and Blues right in a really simple and intuitive way.

You’ll be surprised what potential you’ll unlock in your images by pushing it in a way you’ve never done.

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Color Wheel

Never before has this functionality been available in Photoshop! Our engaging color wheel spans across the full RGB gamut. Moving it towards each specific color will increase the luminosity within that range and deepen the other colors simultaneously. The final value will be stay locked in at 100% to ensure the image looks natural and balanced.


We’re all about being subtle. The sliders help you control the strength or delicacy of the results produced from our color wheel. If you want a light hand, move the slider to the left and you’ll notice very gentle adjustments, while the right side of the slider will produce stronger and prominent effects!

That‘s awesome! I need it!

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See how Infinite Radiance works!

Key Features

  • Even with multiple channel mixer adjustment layers, the panel automatically updates to reflect the settings of the adjustment layer you have selected
  • Our randomization function allows you to explore the full range of what your image is capable of in a few clicks.

Want to learn more about the details?


  • For Photoshop CC2019 or later


  • Personal license for 3 computers

Infinite Radiance Academy

Changing the mood of the environment

Here’s how you can use the tool to really change the mood of the scene to add emotional impact!

Initial Luminosity Shift

When applying a layer from the panel, you’ll notice a slight shift. Here’s why that happens and how we keep that in consideration in our workflow.

The Workflow Of Layer Stacking

Adding multiple layers from the panel has its advantageous, here’s how you can add that into your workflow to have precise control.

Simplify Advanced Selections

Selections can be tough! Another way to really make it easier for you to make selections can be done with channels. Using our panel, you’re able to push pixels really fast and easy in order to make better and easier selections!

Combine The Power Of “Blend If” Modes

To take our panel to the next level, combining them with the precision of Blend If modes really allows you to fine-tune just what you’re looking for, where you want it! Here’s how we can bring the two together to get great results.

The Right Click Trick

One way to quickly have a comparison value to the other side of the spectrum is to right click on the panel. Here’s what that does and how you can use it in your work!

I can’t wait anymore!

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