Video Education

My name is Pratik Naik, co-founder of Infinite Tools with Stefan Kohler. First and foremost, I am a high-end retoucher in the photography industry and a retouching educator! We both put so much emphasis on good education. After all, it is how I personally learned what I need to know to be a retoucher. 

Years ago I would look online to find any information I could in order to know what I was doing was correct and to continue learning. Which is why today we’re so passionate about being able to bring you curated and quality Photoshop education from people who are talented but inspiring and easy to follow!

Having a trusted source of education gives you the power to create without limits and that is the best gift of all.

Epic Composites

by Robert Cornelius

Spanning a course of three full shoots starting from the photoshoot all the way through the final bits of editing, you’ll get to see these distinct ideas come to life from concept to execution.

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