Featured Project – Southern Hospitality by Wesley Jones


Meet Wesley Jones!

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This shoot was planned at the last minute with my buddy Brandon Thornton(model featured in shots). I secured the location from some friends that own Tara Winery in Athens, TX on which the home is located. The home has a really classic Texas vibe. We had both been thinking a lot about the feel and mood we wanted to get, and Brandon fully styled the wardrobe himself.

As soon as he walked out in one of these awesome outfits, I knew exactly what needed to happen as far as my lighting, camera setup, and colors I wanted to achieve in post. We went through 3 or 4 outfits, and knocked the entire shoot out in a couple of hours.

I shot the set on a Sony a7riii/Sony 50mm 1.8/Sigma 35mm 14 ART, and did all lighting with an Orlit 601 strobe, which was modified with a Westcott large diffused umbrella.

My usual style is shooting wide open at a long focal length with multiple strobes, but i wanted to challenge myself and shoot opposite of my norm. I can always kind of see the colors I want to achieve in my head when it comes time to process. For the last year or so the Infinite Color Panel has let me have options I may not have originally went with. I get the images toned with my usual methods, then bring in the panel to start clicking away until my eyes say “YES!!!” and find what they love. Its a fun way to edit :).

 After editing this set I had the sudden urge to watch Fight Club and Fear and Loathing back to back!

I’m located in Athens TX and shoot mostly dramatic portraiture. I’ve been shooting for 3 years.