Introducing The Infinite Looks Panel! A New Way To Color Grade

The Brand New Infinite Looks Panel Is Finally Live!

My colleague Stefan Kohler and the entire team has worked so hard on this for many months!

You can grab Infinite Tools by clicking on this button:

Get Infinite Looks here

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What Is Infinite Looks Panel?

The Infinite Looks Panel is another great way to navigate through a wide range of color palettes! You can explore over 1,000,000 intricate color options (LUT files) for every single image! It’s all organized in really fun and intuitive way I know you’ll enjoy.

This video will explain it perfectly!

Find or Refine Your Palette:

Whether you’re trying to shop around to see what color palette works best for your image, or you know what you’re hunting for, our two simple sliders for color and contrast will help you find and then refine what you’re looking for!

Protect Skin Tones:

An advanced algorithm also helps protect skin tones to saves hours on masking! All this magic happens non destructively in one panel!

How Is It Different Than Infinite Color Panel?

Infinite Color creates one look at a time for those who may not know what direction they want to go in. Also, Infinite Color provides you every layer for each color grade it generates. So you can adjustment the nuances of each color grade in case you would like to modify certain layers that make it up! It also has a truly infinite number of options, exceeding in the millions.

Infinite Looks on the other hand provides a different flow to exploring color, but it provides you with a single layer so you are unable to tweak individual layers. However you can browse through more looks at a time and use the sliders to get variations of each look as well! You have a million options to play with including a skin tone slider!

Each of the panels have their own strength and they are best used together! We wanted to fill the gaps that Infinite Color has so they work harmoniously together.

Here’s a video showing just how they are used together showcasing each of their strengths!

We’re so excited to expand the “Infinite” family and hope you are a part of this community!