Creative conversations: Raw emotion with D’artagnan Winford

“I would create if I didn’t have a camera. I’d create if I only had a stick and mud.”

It’s not often you come across work like D’artagnan Winford’s. Everything from his cinematic, earthy color palette to the emotive subjects is executed in an exquisite and profound way. We are so proud to have D’artagnan be part of our color community, and wanted to dive deeper into his work and process.


Your work is so raw and authentic, can you tell us how you found your style?

A: I’ve always loved that raw film look so I’ve always wanted to include it in my finished work. I would say my style is a result of constant working at letting the image dictate the final look.

What is your motto when going into a shoot or project?

A: My motto, if I had one would be “I’m gonna learn something new today.”

Does your post-production workflow differ from shoot to shoot? If so, how?
A: It’s pretty much the same however some images call for a different look.

What drew you to creating images at the beginning?

A: I’ve always been an artist. Photography is my current medium. I would create if I didn’t have a camera. I’d create if I only had a stick and mud.

Your color palette is so rich and filmic, can you tell us about how you achieve these gorgeous tones?
A: They usually start off with one of the many presets that I’ve built in Lightroom. From there I go into photoshop and make changes and adjustments. Then I use Infinite Color Panel to set my mood.

Can you show us your favourite photo you’ve ever taken?

A: See below.

What is your favourite part about creating?

A: Creating lets me express myself and my thoughts. It’s therapeutic for me. I get to get away from all of life’s problems and just be free.

Do you have any exciting projects coming up in the future that you can share with us?

A: I’m working on a series called “Masked” it’s a boudoir series that’s a play off of the masks we had to wear during the pandemic.

To see more of D’artagnan’s incredible portfolio, head to his Instagram and don’t forget to give him a follow!