Infinite Color Reviews Now On Youtube

Written by Tina Eisen

The Infinite Color Panel launched only a couple of weeks ago and thus far the feedback has been incredible!

It has been exciting to hear and read about people’s experiences with the panel and we have seen some wonderful, kind reviews on blogs and pages such as PetaPixel, FStoppers and SLRLounge.

Recently people have started giving video reviews on their YouTube channels and we simply love them! Anyone wanting to see the panel used in real life can now do so via channels such as Umbar ShakirMoe Zainal, and others.

Moe Zainal

Umbar Shakir

Antti Karppinen

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Do you have a YouTube channel yourself? Are you interested in reviewing the Infinite Color Panel on there? Just drop us a line on [email protected] and let’s talk!

If you haven’t tried the panel yet, get started here: