Infinite Color War – Vote For Your Favorite Submission


Our contest had an amazing turnout, with over 630 votes!

With 31% of the votes, the winner was number 10, Darryl Pascoe! Congratulations Darryl, your work is beautiful!

I kept the poll live so you can click on “see results” to see how everyone else did. As you can see, it was a pretty close competition with second place!

Below is the original post, where I’ve labelled the names of everyone who made the top 12. Also, in a future post I’ll be sharing  bunch of other submissions so you can see a full gamut of images!

We’ve been thrilled on the response of Infinite Color and the community that has already developed in a month that we decided to have our first contest! In case you missed it, check it out here.

The image for the contest was provided to us by London based photographer Indy Sagoo!
(Model Naina Mall)


How We Decided

Indy and I both picked a few of our favorites. We went by the ones we felt had enough variation and were still visually pleasing. On Indy’s side, he decided which ones stood out to him based on his taste. Once the contest is done, Indy will state the reasons why he picked the ones he did as well.

Anonymous Voting

To keep it fair, we have left the names out. Once the contest is finished, we’ll share the names of who did what, along with presenting a gallery of all the other entries too!

Rules, Deadline, and Prizes

The rules are simple. Look at the images presented below (click on them to see them in full screen). Pick your favorite one, and vote for the number you liked the best!

Voting effectively ends on June 8th, 10 p.m. Eastern Time Zone! The winner gets to keep the panel for free (a full reimbursement), plus $200 in cash, and a spotlight feature and interview about them on our website.


Which image was your favorite?




Image 1 – Jennifer Carter
Image 2 – Ruli Koto

Image 3 – Preet Uday

Image 4 – Muffadal Abbas

Image 5 – Marco Verna

Image 6 – Laura Sheridan
Image 7 – Kassie Jackson
Image 8 – Carolina Zapata – Second Place
Image 9 – Jerry Fredriksson
Image 10 – Darryl Pascoe – Winner
Image 11 – Kaela Speicher
Image 12 – Alex Baker

If you haven’t tried the panel yet, get started here: